A world first: Pherecydes Pharma launches multicenter clinical study of phage therapy in serious bur

For the first time, an industry-standard clinical trial is evaluating the tolerance and effectiveness of phages in fighting sensitive antibiotic-resistant infections

Publication 15/06/2015

François Ravat (Saint-Luc Saint-Joseph), Patrick Jault (Percy) and Jérôme Gabard (Pherecydes Pharma) wrote a scientific article entitled "Bactériophage et phagothérapie : utilisation de virus naturels pour traiter les infections bactériennes - Using Natural Viruses To Treat Bacterial Infections". This article was published in the journal Annals of Burn & Fire Disasters, 2015; 23(1):13-20.

French Documentary on FUTUR MAG - ARTE

A documentary about Pherecydes Pharma and its products to treat burned patients ( Phagoburn project ) was released February 7, 2015 in Future mag on the Arte channel.

Article in LesEchos.fr

The newspaper LesEchos.fr published in January 2015 an article on Pherecydes Pharma and Phagoburn project.

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